Business Cards & Flyers

Even though we live in the digital age, don’t underestimate the power of the printed page!

It’s all about creating awareness of your brand, and that is why we are firm believers in flyers and business cards as an invaluable marketing tool. Besides the actual printing of the materials, we can also assist you by getting them into the hands of the people!

What About Waste?

The main aim of every flyer or business card is to get your details into the hands of potential customers. However, it is a known fact that we see plenty of flyers and business cards in the dustbin shortly after being received. (Or some don’t even have the courtesy of putting in the dustbin, it simply lands up on the floor!)

How do we prevent this? In short, I don’t think we can entirely avoid it. There will always be people who will not be interested right away, and inevitably our promotional materials will be discarded by them. However, even if they DO discard it, they did SEE it. That means that they have been exposed to your brand and connections have been made in their subconscious. It is true that they may not respond immediately, but if they have had enough exposure to what you do – they might be the very people calling your number the next time they are in need of your service like yours.